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DeWanda Wise’s Style in Someone Great is Unapologetic and I’m DEEPLY OBSESSED

August 27, 2019
Dewanda Wise in Someone Great | IMDb

WhenΒ Someone Great came out on Netflix earlier this year, I spent a lot more time than I should have rewinding to the scenes with DeWanda Wise’s character Erin. Seeing a black actress in a lead role without being diminished to a small sidekick role or comedic relief speaks volumes to the kind of representation that this film demands.

It’s no secret that diversity is seriously lacking in Hollywood, but this year has seen a lot of growth, especially with women of color being front and center, something that I am 100 percent on board with. It doesn’t hurt that DeWanda Wise steals every single scene she’s in, whether it’s with her all too-real comments on Jenny’s life choices, played by the brilliant Gina Rodriguez, or her own avoidance of coming to terms with her relationship.

But let’s be real. Her spot on portrayal of Erin isn’t the only thing we’re amazed by. Let’s talk about her trendy and bold style. One of the biggest things that I love about this film is the fact that each character’s style gives us a close look into who they are without being over the top.

From brightly patterned jackets to tongue-in-cheek tees, Erin’s closet compliments her personality to a T. She doesn’t take no for an answer, stands up for her friends, and is completely unapologetic about who she is. You can see this in the way she pairs a laidback tee with a sharp blazer, and how she lounges in a bold orange jumpsuit and somehow looks like royalty doing it.

In one of her first scenes in the film, she is speaking to Brittany Snow’s character Blair with her hair wrapped up. This sounds simple but is a huge moment. You will almost never see a film featuring a black woman with her casually in a protective style. It just doesn’t happen. Which says a lot about Hollywood, but more about this film and the work around representation that the actors and creative team behind it are trying to do.

Here’s a breakdown of her outfits in Someone Great and affordable dupes so you can copy her style and start being unapologetically you.

1. For When You’re Feeling Good About Yourself and Want to Show Off, Even Though You Have Nowhere to Go

DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow in Someone Great | IMDb

DeWanda Wise and Brittany Snow in Someone Great | IMDb

For the shape…

For the color…

2. Casual Fridays at Work Never Looked (Or Felt) So Good

DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, and Brittany Snow in Someone Great | IMDb

DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, and Brittany Snow in Someone Great | IMDb


If you’re willing to splurge…

Crossbody Belt Bag, $9.99

Crossbody Belt Bag, $9.99

Crossbody bag dupe tip: You can wear any belt bag/fanny pack or purse with an adjustable strap in this style.Β 

3. For When You’re Out With Your Girls and Did Not Come to Play

*This bag is the exact match from the film!

If you’re dying to see more outfits/dupes from the film, leave a comment below!

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