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Gina Rodriguez’s Breakup Style in Netflix’s Someone Great Is a Whole Mood

April 21, 2019

Netflix’s Someone Great is the realest breakup film of the year. Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez plays an up and coming music journalist named Jenny who is forced to grow up and move onโ€”in both her professional and personal lifeโ€”when she lands an amazing job at Rolling Stone but has to move across the country from her besties and now ex-boyfriend.

30 minutes into the film, I couldn’t get over how painfully raw and relatable Jenny’s relationship with her ex (LaKeith Stanfield) was. It reminded me that distance isn’t what kills a relationship; you can live in the same apartment-city-time zone and still feel like there’s a wall between you. I felt that! I’m also deeply obsessed with how this rom-com portrays Gina Rodriguez’s relationship with her on-screen besties (Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise) as 100 percent supportive with hilarious moments sprinkled in.

But the biggest thing I couldn’t get over is how Instagram-friendly Jenny’s closet was! I almost broke the replay button with the amount of times I forced myself to go back and drool over her outfit choices.

It’s obvious that the costume department put in serious research to get her New York style down and let her clothes tell a story. As a New Yorker, I could feel the city vibes in every crop top and high ponytail.

Gina Rodriguez’s breakup style (if this wasn’t a thing before, it is now!) in this film is the new sweatpants and comfy tee. It’s perfect for when you’re busy burying your feelings in ice cream and Netflix but want to look like you’re put together on the surface. Here’s how you can raid her closet.

1. For When Your Breakup Playlist is on Queue and You’re 20 Seconds Away from Your Own Gina Rodriguez Rom-com Inspired Dance Sequence…

Someone Great | Netflix

Someone Great | Netflix

2. For When You’re Running Away From Your Relationship Problems and Pulling Yourself Together at the Same Time

Someone Great | IMDb

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3. For When You Need a Girls Night to Finally Get Over Your Ex

Someone Great | Netflix

Someone Great | Netflix

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