5 Outfits You’ll Love If You’re the Regina George of Your Friends

Mean Girls Regina George

Photo: Facebook/Paramount Pictures

If Mean Girls is one of the only movies that you can mouth almost every single line to, you’re not alone. The funny one-liners, high school cliques, and early 2000s fashion are a few of the things that make this film so iconic and relatable.

But there’s only one character whose sassy style has inspired major fashion trends. Regina George, the girl we all love to hate, arguably had some of the best fashion moments in the film. She redefined millennial style with every cheeky slogan tee, flirty preppy skirt and all pink outfit. Even though it’s been 13 years, many of the fashion trends she inspired are still around today.

If you identify with Regina George, you’re going to drool over these fetch outfits inspired by the Queen Bee herself!

1. The Classic Slogan Tee
You’re blunt, dramatic and completely own up to it. Why not wear your personality on your shirt?

Guac is Extra and So Am I Graphic Tee, $21
Guac is Extra and So Am I Graphic Tee, $21

Speaking of classic slogans, rock Regina’s iconic tee for bonus points.

little bit dramatic shirt
Guac is Extra and So Am I Graphic Tee, $21

Pair either clever shirt with a faux leather skirt and sandals to really embody Regina’s style.

Faux leather skirt
Daisy Street Faux Leather Skirt, $32
Women's Sunni Flat Sling
Women’s Sunni Flat Sling, $15

2. The Millennial Pink Dress
Regina slayed the millennial pink trend that’s currently taking over the runway before it was cool. On Wednesdays, incorporate pink into your wardrobe with a fitted pink dress.

Off-the-Shoulder Button Dress
Off-the-Shoulder Button Dress, $25
Film Maker Platform Pump
Film Maker Platform Pump, $29.98

3. The Flirty Mini Skirt
Pleated or patterned, the Plastics wore skirts almost every day of the week.

PrettyLittleThing Polka Dot Ruffle Mini Skirt
PrettyLittleThing Polka Dot Ruffle Mini Skirt, $23
Ribbed Bell-Sleeve Top
Ribbed Bell-Sleeve Top, $12.90
Nadia Fabric Sandal
Nadia Fabric Sandal, $49.99

4. The Monogram Necklace
You’re the center of attention everywhere you go. Turn your initials into a fashion statement with a monogram necklace like Regina’s.

Gold Initial Necklace
Gold Initial Necklace, $18.25
Textured Stripe Knit Top
Textured Stripe Knit Top, $15.99
Velvet Ruffle-Trim Skirt
Velvet Ruffle-Trim Skirt, $22.99
Misty Pump
Misty Pump, $29.98

5. The Preppy Cardigan
Dress up your skirt with a cute sweater and give off major preppy vibes.

pink cardigan
Women’s Croft & Barrow® Essential Jersey Cardigan, $24.99
Ribbed Lattice-Back Top
Ribbed Lattice-Back Top, $12.99
Pleated Scuba Skater Skirt
Pleated Scuba Skater Skirt, $21.99
Rampage 93 Velvet Sandal
Rampage 93 Velvet Sandal, $29.99
Fossil RFID Small Pouch
Fossil RFID Small Pouch, $27.99

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Cassandra is a beauty and lifestyle writer. She spends most of her time treating herself to dinner and movie dates, pretending her life is a Marvel comic and figuring out how to keep her makeup on her face. Not necessarily in that order. Follow her on Instagram at @_cassandrarose.

27 thoughts on “5 Outfits You’ll Love If You’re the Regina George of Your Friends

  1. These are all great picks. I love the monogram necklace the best. I am also a big fan of statement shirts. For dresses, the pink off shoulder dress is my top pick.


  2. Wow…. I love this great fashion outfits you have listed here, they are great and a nice one for the ladies. But what about we the men cause we too love fashions.

    Liked by 1 person

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