Gina Rodriguez’s Breakup Style in Netflix’s Someone Great Is a Whole Mood

Netflix’s Someone Great is the realest breakup film of the year. Jane the Virgin‘s Gina Rodriguez plays an up and coming music journalist named Jenny who is forced to grow up and move onβ€”in both her professional and personal lifeβ€”when she lands an amazing job at Rolling Stone but has to move across the country from her besties and now ex-boyfriend.

30 minutes into the film, I couldn’t get over how painfully raw and relatable Jenny’s relationship with her ex (LaKeith Stanfield) was. It reminded me that distance isn’t what kills a relationship; you can live in the same apartment-city-time zone and still feel like there’s a wall between you. I felt that! I’m also deeply obsessed with how this rom-com portrays her relationship with her besties (Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise) as 100 percent supportive with hilarious moments sprinkled in.

But the biggest thing I couldn’t get over is how Instagram-friendly Jenny’s closet was! I almost broke the replay button with the amount of times I forced myself to go back and drool over her outfit choices.

It’s obvious that the costume department put in serious research to get her New York style down and let her clothes tell a story. As a New Yorker, I could feel the city vibes in every crop top and high ponytail.

Gina Rodriguez’s breakup style (if this wasn’t a thing before, it is now!) in this film is the new sweatpants and comfy tee. It’s perfect for when you’re busy burying your feelings in ice cream and Netflix but want to look like you’re put together on the surface. Here’s how you can raid her closet.

1. For When Your Breakup Playlist is on Queue and You’re 20 Seconds Away from Your Own Rom-com Inspired Dance Sequence…

Someone Great | Netflix
Someone Great | Netflix
Finleigh Black Cutout Cropped Tank Top, $37
Denim Overalls, $34.99
Denim Overalls, $34.99
Retro Bowknot Headband, $8.99
Plain Hoop Earrings, $6

2. For When You’re Running Away From Your Relationship Problems and Pulling Yourself Together at the Same Time

Someone Great | IMDb
Latina AF Crop Top, $22.50

*And if you don’t identify as a latina, you can also check out this on brand Feminist AF crop top.

Feminist AF Crop Top , $17.15
White Mark Oakley Plaid Womens Button-Front Shirt, $32.99
Lace-Up Jogger, $19.97
Lace-Up Jogger, $19.97
On the Go Roll Sleeve Jacket, $64.99
On the Go Roll Sleeve Jacket, $64.99
Cloudfoam Advantage Leather Sneaker, $49.99

3. For When You Need a Girls Night to Finally Get Over Your Ex

Someone Great | Netflix
Black Lace Slip Dress, $48
Someone Great | Netflix
Heeled Over the Knee Boots, $42
Collarless Jacket, $29.99
Mini Backpack, $22.48

Obsessed with this post? Here’s how you can raid Erin’s (played by DeWanda Wise) closet.

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Cassandra is a beauty and lifestyle writer. She spends most of her time treating herself to dinner and movie dates, pretending her life is a Marvel comic and figuring out how to keep her makeup on her face. Not necessarily in that order. Follow her on Instagram at @_cassandrarose.

13 thoughts on “Gina Rodriguez’s Breakup Style in Netflix’s Someone Great Is a Whole Mood

  1. Please tell me where I can find something like that mini cross body purse her friend was wearing in the clothing store. I’m obsessed!


    1. I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to get to this sooner; I took an unexpected but necessary break from my blog. Here are some dupes to make up for it! I’m pretty sure she is wearing a belt bag/fanny pack here. You can also wear any purse with an adjustable strap in this style. Hope this helps!



  2. Hi , love this all so much but do you maybe know where I can find the real black lace dress that she is wearing it’s so beautiful I’ve been searching for ever thankyou


  3. hi, would you be able to find the grey v-neck sweater that blair was wearing in the apartment when she was talking to erin? erin was wearing a red/orange jumpsuit in that scene


      1. I found this oversized v-neck sweater that looks very similar from Urban Outfitters. She’s holding a Feminist mug from UO in this scene, so I’m 80% sure this is the sweater!

        Here’s a dupe from H&M. It’s currently sold out but will hopefully come back in stock:

        And one more option:

        Hope this helps!


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