I Dressed Like Jane Villanueva from Jane the Virgin

Jane Villanueva Style

We’re only a few episodes into the final season of Jane the Virgin, yet we’re already deeply invested in Jane’s love life and her closet! Jane’s world is filled with bright patterns and tropical colors, which the total opposite of Season 5’s sad storyline (#teamMichaelforever). It’s this same theme of over-the-topness versus relatable characters that makes so many of us obsessed with this telenovela.

What makes Jane’s style so distinct is the fact that it’s trendy, flattering and completely affordable. Floral dresses, fancy tops and light blue jeans have become a staple in Jane’s closet, three items that you can definitely find at your favorite clothing store. Here’s how you can copy her style without saying goodbye to your wallet.

1. If you want to dress like Jane Villanueva, less is more. Pair a simple but trendy top with jeans.

Jane the Virgin | CW
Jane the Virgin | CW

Jane’s closet is filled with understated, feminine pieces that are flattering on all body types. This casual look from Season 5 is the perfect spring look.

Jane Villanueva Style

I copied her outfit by running to the nearest Rainbow I could find for a white top with more dramatic sleeves (Jane may not be all about the drama style-wise but I 100% am) and rocking it with my high waisted jeans.

2. Jane wears at least one floral dress in almost every episode.

Jane the Virgin | CW
Jane the Virgin | CW

Next Halloween costume, check! Jane is notorious for her fit and flare dresses. This has to be my favorite outfit of hers ever. The bird print is a fun twist on her love for floral, but still stays true to the tropical theme of the show.

Jane Villanueva Style

I loved twirling around in this white floral cami dress. It doesn’t hurt that I got it on sale for 40 percent off the original price!

3. The best part of Jane’s outfit is always her accessory of the day.

Jane the Virgin | CW
Jane the Virgin | CW

The one thing I love more than Jane’s down to earth style is the jewelry she wears to compliment it. Jane is all about wearing jewelry that has a minimalist feel yet still makes a statement. You’ll often find her seamlessly interchanging unique earrings and intricate necklaces. Many of the pieces featured on the show, including her stunning globe cage earrings (pictured above), are by Peggy Li Creations.

Not only is Peggy Li’s jewelry handmade, it is also created from sturdy material which makes it timeless. Snagging a pair of her earrings will make your Jane look even more authentic. Wearing these *gorgeous globe cage earrings gave me a confidence I didn’t know I was missing!

4. Slowly incorporate pinks, blues, and greens into your everyday look until your closet screams spring.

Jane the Virgin
Jane the Virgin | CW

Jane follows a consistent color scheme in every episode. She rotates between wearing pink, blue, green or all three in a fun print like this one! I’m obsessed with how the show paired Jane’s quirky pineapple dress with a basic tee.

Jane Villanueva Style

Here I attempted to recreate that same look, minus the pineapples but plus my dramatic sleeves from earlier. Adding these colors/clothes into my Spring wardrobe has really brightened up my closet. I own more dresses than I do pants and shirts combined, so layering this dress with a white tee (a color I avoid like the PLAGUE) was a welcome change. My personal style is very similar to both Jane’s and Gina Rodriguez, so it was fun trying to incorporate the best of both worlds into my own wardrobe.

Now, I just need to find the perfect love triangle and really live Jane’s life to the fullest.

*Globe cage earrings gifted by Peggy Li Creations

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Cassandra is a beauty and lifestyle writer. She spends most of her time treating herself to dinner and movie dates, pretending her life is a Marvel comic and figuring out how to keep her makeup on her face. Not necessarily in that order. Follow her on Instagram at @_cassandrarose.

10 thoughts on “I Dressed Like Jane Villanueva from Jane the Virgin

  1. Jane the Virgin is one of my absolute FAVORITE shows at the moment, and I just love how you pulled these looks together! I never picked up on her pink/green/blue palette, but now I feel like I’ll be paying closer attention to her wardrobe in the show. My favorite piece here is the white top with the dramatic sleeves, that definitely feels very “Jane.” Thanks for sharing!

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